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Faith Tatum

Zebra by Faith Tatum Yellow Rose by Faith Tatum Those Eyes by Faith Tatum The Oasis by Faith Tatum The Mask #2 by Faith Tatum The Look #2 by Faith Tatum The King by Faith Tatum

Tiffany Lillie

Modern Rose by Tiffany Lillie Morning Glory by Tiffany Lillie Bathed in Sunshine 2 by Tiffany Lillie Swirling by Tiffany Lillie Reaching for the Sun #1 by Tiffany Lillie Blooming in Summer by Tiffany Lillie Swirling Further by Tiffany Lillie

June Smith

Blue Crystal Rock by June Smith Tropical Sway by June Smith Seashore by June Smith Jaded Clay by June Smith Sunny Sway #1 by June Smith Sunny Sway #2 by June Smith Sunny Sway #3 by June Smith

Susan McCarty

Zoe by Susan McCarty Timeless Journey by Susan McCarty Pride and Joy by Susan McCarty Vaulting in Blue by Susan McCarty Three Amigo's by Susan McCarty Nikki by Susan McCarty Onyx by Susan McCarty

Elizabeth Smith

Secret Garden 2 by Elizabeth Smith Autumn Breeze 2 by Elizabeth Smith Red Maple Tree by Elizabeth Smith Through the Window 2 by Elizabeth Smith Aloha 2 by Elizabeth Smith Roll Tide #1 by Elizabeth Smith Spectacular Autumn by Elizabeth Smith

Louisa Davidson

Yearlings in Snow by Louisa Davidson Steamboat Rodeo by Louisa Davidson Self Portrait by Louisa Davidson Rodeo Action by Louisa Davidson Yellow Lab by Louisa Davidson Raspberry by Louisa Davidson Patience by Louisa Davidson

Desiree Griffiths

Yellow Kalanchoe by Desiree Griffiths Victorian Floral by Desiree Griffiths The Dreaming Chair Spring House  by Desiree Griffiths The Dreaming Chair 3 by Desiree Griffiths The Dreaming Chair 2 by Desiree Griffiths Textiles and Texture by Desiree Griffiths Spring House by Desiree Griffiths